Hair, There & Everywhere

25th August 2015 | Alice Taylor

I’ve spotted this image floating around on Tumblr a few times and can’t find who the photographer is. I think it’s from a vintage erotic magazine like Playman.

Anyway, I love it! Especially the untamed bushiness.

Via: Partial Boner

Bush At Mother London

3rd October 2013 | Katherine Jane

Having spent considerable time over the past few days writing about women’s pubic hair for an article in a new digital journal – which I have titled ‘Sisterhood Of the Bush’ – I am intrigued to see that agency Mother in London has their attention pointed towards some similar project.

It’s a shame that I’m not in London today as really I feel rather duty-bound to participate… …perhaps readers of this blog might join in on my behalf.

For more information click here.

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