Meet the ladies behind the creation of the The Quite Delightful Project.
Responsible for editing, project managing, writing, design and marketing.


Katherine Jane Wood

Editor / Photographer / Writer

Being made redundant is not really high on one’s list of priorities, but it was the kick that I needed to end a ten year career in photographic retail management and pursue more creative outlets. I am delighted to have been part of the small team that conceived The Quite Delightful Project, and then managed to realise our goal of publishing this stunningly elegant magazine.

Simone Aagaard


As designers we relish the opportunity to work on self-initiated projects, those that can be wholly conceived without restriction. The Quite Delightful Project is born of a tenacious desire to offer rich, fearless, captivating content underpinned by thoughtful design. In a space that usually only disappoints it is exciting to create something spirited …to celebrate, liberate, and be a little cheeky!

Alice Taylor

Designer/Website & Social Media/Writer

On the one hand I find myself always excited by discussions of sexuality, but also remain aware of the conflict between this fascination and the ever more diverse strands of feminism. Likewise the differences between erotica and pornography. It is not until recently that I have differentiated the two forms and accepted my enjoyment of erotic imagery and literature; a consideration that is always enlightening and sometimes even quite revealing!

Tara Fischer


The Quite Delightful Project is a much welcome female addition to the panoply of predominately male adult publications. It’s about time! The erotic photography and incisive writing is produced to the highest standard in a bold and innovative way, and it is this fearless and visionary direction which is for me the core of the magazine. As a writer it is a pleasure to work with a publication that pushes the boundaries in such a compelling way.

Rebecca Milford


Eroticism is a genre I find fascinating, and so I am thrilled to be involved in such a pioneering project as Quite Delightful. After gaining a Masters in Creative Writing I was looking for a way to express myself, and this magazine seems to have come along at a perfect time. Encouraging women to explore their own sexuality is something I enjoy doing, and something I want to continue to pursue.

Janey Ballantyne

Assistant Editor/Writer

I happily call myself a ‘third-wave’ Feminist and support the movement’s continued efforts to promote gender equality in every realm of life. Sadly I feel that despite massive advancements in the last 50ish years, we still have a long way to go before we achieve this. Being involved with a project like Quite Delightful allows me, and my fellow contributors, to explore why this is, particularly in relation to sex and sensuality.

Flora Morgan

Editorial Assistant/Writer

I am a 21-year old student from Guildford, currently studying for a degree in History of Art at the University of Leeds and living in Bath. I have a keen interest in the arts, past and present. For me, as a young girl living in a porn-obsessed society, and trashy porn at that, I am thrilled to be working on a magazine that celebrates beautiful photography, that is also genuinely erotic.