Quite Lovely

19th February 2015 | Alice Taylor

Behold! Here is the cover for issue two of The Quite Delightful Project’s luxury erotic publication, the QUITE LOVELY issue.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates about featured photographers and articles in our Journal section (where we post everything Quite Delightful).

More details about pre-ordering Issue Two will be announced soon!

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Her Private Hell

9th October 2014 | Katherine Jane

I’m currently transcribing an interview with the Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society for Quite Delightful.

That aside, this blog has over the years showcased a fine body of pulp-fiction book covers and this latest salacious – but wonderful – offering is for Her Private Hell.

…glance to the right and need I say more.

Via: The English Group

Quite Frankly – The Cover

15th August 2014 | Simone Aagaard


Here it is, fresh off the press and with it’s beautiful foil-blocked masthead, the cover for Issue One: Quite Frankly.

Photography by The Quite Delightful Project’s Editor Katherine Wood, and the cover model is the magazine’s designer (The English Group’s own) Alice Taylor.

…and let’s give credit where credit is due, a big thank you to the whole team at our wonderful printers Opal.


Kama Sutra

11th January 2013 | Alice Taylor

A beautifully illustrated Penguin book on Kama Sutra by a French illustrator Malika Favre.

“My approach to illustration is about paring things down as much as possible. I try and get to the essence of my subject by using as few lines and colours as it needs to convey the core of the idea.”

Via: Malikafavre