Beach Babes

9th May 2013 | Alice Taylor

The Quite Delightful Project: Photoshoot.

You may have seen some of our recent blog recent posts mentioning the test photoshoots that Katherine Jane Wood and I have been – quite literally – immersing ourselves in over the past two weeks.

Well, for those that might be interested, here’s some outtakes from our adventure…

I’m no Baywatch Babe but I was somehow persuaded to feature in a shoot for the erotic confessions journal that we are currently working on. Both Katherine Jane Wood and I got our kit off, partially dodged the dog walkers passing by (who were all so clearly not stealing any glances whatsoever), and then pretended we weren’t cold for about two hours, whilst the sun set over the beautiful beach – Studland – on the UK’s South Coast.

Not once, but twice!

The initial/test shoot was actually at Hengistbury Head in Bournemouth, and was probably the coldest I’ve ever been. The shoot was quick and we encountered a few hurdles that were only realised at the time of the shoot – at 10.00pm, when it was both too dark to see what we were doing and with waves vigorous enough to ensure that we ended up a little bruised and battered.

You can see an image from this shoot at the bottom of this post.

The second time around was a little less nerve wracking and we were able to take our time. The sea was calm and we could explore different poses and ideas (or just do cartwheels to keep warm).

Katherine even coerced me to join her for a swim (wherein her self-portrait skills enabled me to be able to offer you an image of that too!)

Anyway, here are some shoot outakes for your amusement!

…and I’m sure that we will be showcasing the best of this project very shortly.

By The Sea

18th April 2013 | Alice Taylor

Alice and I are going to the South Coast to shoot images for the front cover of our confessions journal on expressions of women’s sexuality that we’re currently working on and maybe these two images by Ulrich Knoblach might provide some last minute inspiration.

…and let’s all just give a thought to how cold the sea is going to be!

Images via The Libertine