10th May 2013 | Alice Taylor

Rafał Karcz is a Polish painter and experimental photographer with a self-created, distinctive technique of photo development, that is visually akin to an oil painting.

Conceptually, Rafal translates what he calls an ‘inner landscape’ – atmospheic, strong feelings or emotions that are usually negative. Yet his approach and attitude to art and photography are, of course, far from negative. He is concious that his images do not follow a commercial or ‘good looking’ style.

Technically his lengthy and varying drying process creates the distinctive aesthetic outcome that is so distinctive and painterly. Even states such as weather – the contrast of Summer and Winter – creates the unpredictable outcomes of his images.

“If i dont like the result, I can always more destroy the surface with a stronger acid treatments”

His inspiration comes from the art and music of particular eras and movements.

“Music from the end of the 60 s to current music, underground or/and independent.  From the Protopunk sound to  Motorcity detroit and contepmporary garage rock revival. Realism, expressionism, pop art and also contemporary figuration and artists like Florian Sussmayr, Paul P  and  Michael Borremans.

I like dirty psychodelia, postmodernism with a strong visual language of destroyed imagery and a distinctive colour palette”

Via: Facebook, Mega Models & Foto Blur