Smile Makers

19th December 2012 | Alice Taylor

Some likely characters feature in this range of designer sex toys. The Frenchman, the Millionaire, the Tennis Coach or the Fireman…

These lovely lads are the first characters in the Smile Makers range of vibrators to be released.

“We hope that most women will find at least one of her fantasies within our line-up,”Ramblin’ Brands co-founder Peder Wikstrom told Dezeen.

From Dezeen:

“Each Smile Maker is shaped to stimulate different erogenous zones and represent its character – the Fireman looks like a flame, the Millionaire is formed like a cigar, the Tennis Coach has a tennis ball at its head and the Frenchman resembles a tongue to symbolise linguistic skills, apparently.

The battery-powered, waterproof toys are made from silicon and have three speeds as well as a pulsation setting.

Brand concept and packaging design were created as a collaboration between creatives Micah Walker, Justine Armour, Pim Van Nunen and Deanne Constantine.

Earlier this year, we reported that designer sex toys had been enjoying record sales following the success of EL James’ best-selling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Via: Dezeen