Bastiaan Buijs Wind Up Sex Toy

23rd October 2015 | Alice Taylor

Check out this beautiful wind-up hand-blown glass dildo…

Via Dezeen:

This “aesthetically pleasing” glass vibrator by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Bastiaan Buijs is powered by clockwork.

Buijs created the Grandfather Clock dildo from a hand-blown glass vessel so the brass and metal mechanism that causes it to vibrate is visible from the outside.

“People use vibrators all over the world but are most of the time they are ashamed about it,” Buijs told Dezeen. “With this vibrator, that feeling disappears.”

“Lust is as normal as feeling hungry or thirsty, and the attributes people use to indulge it need not be hidden away,” he continued.

Blown glass was also used by Michael Reynolds and Jeff Zimmerman to create a collection of “high-fashion sex toys”, with integrated accessories including horsehair tails and a candle holder.

Turning the wind-up key at the end of Buijs’ toy enables the vibrating mechanism in its tip to move backwards and forwards at a quick pace for four to five minutes.

Buijs hopes to reduce the stigma of women’s self-pleasure through apparatus, using luxurious materials such as ebony wood for the stopper to catch the eye of the opposite sex.

“Men are looking at this sex toy with a different feeling, and thinking holy f*ck this looks great,” said Buijs. “Grandfather Clock is meant to be on top of your night dresser, not hidden away inside it.”

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