Monograph: Mikey McMichaels

The first of The Quite Delightful Project’s stand-alone monographs
is a superlative portfolio of photographs shot by Mikey McMichaels,
over five years, and featuring the ever fearless Nettie Harris.


Our first Limited Edition monograph featuring Mikey McMichaels’ photography of actress, model and photographer Nettie Harris is available in a run of just 1000 copies.

The Quite Delightful Project will be publishing an ongoing series of collectible Limited Edition monographs and we are absolutely delighted to have this sixty-eight page publication – featuring both duotone and full colour photography as our first in the series.

Beautifully printed on heavyweight uncoated paper, with a cloth-bound spine, this first volume in our ongoing series of monthly fine art publications is sure to become both a treasured possession and also highly collectible.

To be sure of your copy and to commence your own collection of this series of publications, click HERE to place your order now.

Mikey McMichaels is a photographer with a fast growing reputation for frank and fearless photography of the many models who travel from far and wide to place themselves in front of his lens.

Nettie Harris is a phenomenon; an actress, writer, photographer, model and, for Mikey, a muse. She has worked with him to create truly transcendent images over the past five years, and this monograph showcases the very best of the photography from each of their shoots.


Mikey McMichaels offers a lovely anecdote on Nettie Harris which features in the monograph:

“When Nettie first came to NYC, she wore flannel pajamas and a flannel robe everywhere.
She told me that people stopped her on the street and offered her money thinking she was homeless.

One evening she changed into a full-on preppy outfit from the random clothes she had in her bag.
The flannel wardrobe clearly wasn’t an accident. I think people underestimate her.

I recently saw an article online describing her as “…perhaps the most significant
American nude model since Charis Wilson.”and that “In 50 years or so, we’ll look back
and realize her place in American Photography.” Personally, I don’t doubt it for a moment.

Only two models have ever sent me a thank you note after a shoot; one of them, of course, Nettie.”

– Mikey McMichaels –

2nd September 2014 | Alice Taylor

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