Hannes Caspar

The image above (shown cropped) is a perfect example of Hannes Caspar’s sublime control of colour and light. To enjoy the whole shoot you will have to purchase the magazine (which you can do here).


Hannes Caspar is a sought after portrait photographer, widely recognised in Europe for his distinctive photographs of actors and models. “At the centre of my work,” Hannes explains, “is the human form. What fascinates me is making the aura of a person visible with an absence of clutter.”

His style is intimate, with a unique delicacy. Each shot is bathed in a beautiful tender light. There is something almost haunting about how he captures a model’s presence so completely to create portraits that arrest your attention and hold it.

Hannes is also a very accomplished videographer and many examples of his wonderful short films can be seen on his website.

The following is but a brief excerpt of interview that you can read in full in the magazine:

How would you define erotic photography?
Hmm… maybe all the little sensual details a face and body can express… it’s an emotional thing compared to pornographic pictures.

What are you yourself trying to achieve in creating erotic photography?
The challenge is always to create something which tells a little story or shows a little idea. No matter if it is erotic or not.

At what point does a nude photograph become an erotic one?
When it is touching the viewer in an emotional way.

What do you look for in a model in relation to creating imagery that might be described erotic?
If the model’s face or body inspires me… it’s hard to describe.

He has stated how, for him, an image can tell more than a thousand words, and his images certainly do.

Whilst Hannes’ style might not be described as typically erotic, we love his work. It is gentle and has affected us in an unexpected way, proving that eroticism is something that can not be pinpointed to just one particular style, or one particular set of attributes.

Check out more of Hannes Caspar work on his website.

12th September 2014 | Katherine Jane

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