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Since our subscribers first started receiving the launch issue, Quite Frankly, we have found ourselves really quite emotional at the extent to which so many have gone online to offer their first impressions and praise for the publication.


Whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or via email, we are so appreciative of our customer’s willingness to offer this praise in such a public way.

For others who are considering purchasing our launch issue, we think it might be helpful to share with you some of this feedback:

Could not begin to imagine how utterly beautiful my 1st edition copy of @QuiteFranklyMag would be, wow! GREAT job!!
@QuiteFranklyMag totally sexy without being gratuitous, super erotic and beautifully put together. It even smells good!? lol
@QuiteFranklyMag or to put another way, if my fantasises came bound they would look like this.

Joshua (via email)
I received my copy in the mail today and I must say that I am pleased! This is an amazing publication. Truly an outstanding piece of work. I can’t begin to describe how enamored I am with this voluminous work of art or how grateful I am to you for committing yourselves to its publication.

@QuiteFranklyMag A lot to read, a lot to feast upon! A truly delicious, quality publication. Congratulations Katherine, Simone and Alice!

@QuiteFranklyMag Just had a quick flick through – worth every penny. You have created something very beautiful indeed.
@QuiteFranklyMag It is utterly stunning. Beautifully designed and printed. Not seen anything quite like it before.

Dominic (via email)
Hi Katherine, I received the delivery yesterday. Me and my wife spent hours pawing over the collection last night. My wife was blown away by it and is so pleased. I must congratulate you on a a fantastic collection of of artists and artwork and I was really pleased to see such a large amount of Si Scott’s work, which is how I found your magazine / art book in the first place. She is yet to read all the articles, but wants to show the book off to some of her friends who just produced a book on a similar scale to yours and just toured the accompanying music and show at Edinburgh festival. I can’t thank you enough and your note was very kind. Please let me know of all your upcoming work and definitely the next edition.

I received the most fabulous gift from @QuiteFranklyMag yesterday…girls it’s TOTALY gorgeous. Well done xXx
@ktjanewood @QuiteFranklyMag I can’t wait to feature it in a film think it deserves a star role !!

Jim (via email)
Yesterday I discovered a gift on my doorstep…the publications. Frankly, I expected something completely different, like a magazine with exquisite printing on clay coated paper, lots of spot varnish. Instead I received a treasure box of wonderful things. Imagine my surprise! First thing visible is the exposed binding, what a great touch. The whole package speaks of care and consieration in the details that make a classy, artistic, sophisticated presentation.
That was all before I even cracked the cover.
Great work of art.

@QuiteFranklyMag beautiful & luscious. Hot. Heavy – wasn’t expecting more coffee table book than magazine. But beautiful. And hot #mmmm

Gary (via email)
I just wanted to say thank you for such a magnificent magazine. I knew it would be good but I never envisaged it to be THAT GOOD! Images, artwork and the accompanying writing are all of such stupendous standard that I’d wished I’d closed my studio for the day and read your publication from start to finish instead.  All was not lost however as I cancelled my evening’s arrangements and lost myself in Quite Frankly. The physical quality of the publication was well worth the wait and I’m so thrilled to be one of your first 100 launch customers. The signed card was a lovely gesture too which shall be framed and treasured forever! Thanks once again to you and the team. I wish you every success and hope to be along for the ride for many years to come (no pun intended!).

The overall design of @QuiteFranklyMag book is, to me, flawless {Read Emmeline’s review}

Andrew (via email)
Astonishing!!! No more words…

A copy of @QuiteFranklyMag arrived on my doorstep. I can’t find anything to hate about it. Except maybe the weight, when carried up stairs.

Kirsty (via email)
It has arrived! My evening will be dedicated to Quite Frankly. I managed to talk my boyfriend into buying it as an early Christmas present (he didn’t need much persuading!). I will undoubtedly update you with my fav bits of the magazine, but congratulations! It’s absolutely stunning! I love the casing and the exposed binding, SO scrummy!


Wow, the quality of this is incredible! Lovely note and some lovey extras thrown in! Thanks @QuiteFranklyMag
@QuiteFranklyMag I can’t stress enough how incredible it is, right down to the last details, paper stock, binding, its awesome!!!!

Barrie Thompson

@QuiteFranklyMag @ktjanewood @jojothomson72 Stunning photos, intelligent writing, beautifully presented. Very high quality, quite frankly

Nuno Brito Photography
She arrived today. Finally I was able to see, touch and smell it. One word: exquisite!
I can tell the love that was involved in this. Probably equal to the one I put producing this bottle of port wine.
Special thanks to Katherine Jane Wood. The second glass is for you.
To life! Congratulations!!!

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Graven Imagery
Look what showed up in the mail today, what a wonderful day, it’s like Christmas in October.  Actually my wife purchased this for my anniversary, how cool is that. Order yours now at Quite Frankly Magazine. Many thanks to Katherine and everyone who is part of this wonderful publication. Follow Katherine on Tumblr at Katherine Jane Wood and Quite Frankly

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.45.12

Ferry Van Der Nat
Very happy to be featured in a magazine that is made with such love and refinement @quitefranklymag… 

29th October 2014 | Alice Taylor

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