Fabrice Mabillot

After working for twenty five years as a graphic designer and art director, Fabrice Mabillot began to work as a photographer in 2005. He has shot numerous fashion editorial’s for women’s magazines, and premium campaigns for prestigious fashion houses. The image above (shown cropped) is of his model and muse Little May, the subject of his photo essay for Issue One, which you can buy here.


Born in the south of France during the swinging sixties, Fabrice Mabillot’s obsessions include his Polaroid SX70 and exotic girls. For 20 years he was an art director for leading lingerie and swimwear brands, and was always jealous of the photographers. This is how, indirectly, he learned his craft. He describes his love for girls as ‘insatiable’, and now calls himself  a photographer of girls… and of somewhere else’.

Fabrice has a very recognisable style of shooting, but the images printed in our launch issue are far more stark and graphic than might be expected should you be familiar with his work.

He seems to have captured the personality of Little May effortlessly. What really comes across in these fun, vibrant images is a strong connection between model and photographer, demonstrating a different dimension of eroticism that is rarely explored.

In June this year Fabrice published his first book of photography, titled simply Filles.

Check out more of Fabrice Mabillot’s beautiful photographs of girls and other places on his website here.

12th September 2014 | Katherine Jane

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