The Sensual Eye

The image above (shown cropped) is taken from the essay printed within the launch issue
from The Quite Delightful Project, by Toronto based photographer The Sensual Eye.
His images clearly ask questions about the fine line between erotica and pornography,
and our own attitudes towards expressing ones sexuality within a relationship.


Whilst The Sensual Eye does work with a number of professional models for his more artistic and commercial work, the images that we have chosen to showcase within the Quite Frankly issue are all of genuine couples, for whom the essential element of desire within their relationship is something to be celebrated, treasured and captured for their own future enjoyment. He chooses to only work with established couples – a decision based on his desire to create true, honest photography.

When discussing his intimate portraits of couples, The Sensual Eye says that he has, ‘often been surprised by peoples responses. The images are clearly sexual but people have been able to relate to them on an emotional basis rather than a purely physical one.’ His preference for black-and-white imagery is reflective of his attempts to create photographs that appeal emotionally, and for him, it is this raw emotion that translates into erotica.

Check out more work by The Sensual Eye on his website here.

12th August 2014 | Katherine Jane

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