‘I Confess’

Originally, alongside all of The Quite Delightful Project’s erotic photography, we wanted to also offer some equally uninhibited erotic writing. Our goal was to ensure that every aspect of the magazine has the capacity to transport reader’s thoughts to an entirely different place.


However, once we had decided on a large format 360 page publication – which, as it happens, weighs in at over 2.3Kg – we became very aware that reading these texts was never going to be a one-handed experience.

To which end, we have taken the decision to publish these altogether enjoyable erotic distractions as a separate small stand-alone booklet – and, as is the case with all of The Quite Delightful Project’s publications – we have made every effort to ensure that it draws on the very best quality print and print finishing.

The 64 pages of the booklet are singer-sewn by hand, and the photograph of Quite Delightful’s designer Alice Taylor (on the cover of ‘I Confess’) is also afixed to every single booklet by hand.

The things we do for those we love…

But what is ‘I Confess’?

Well, we set five of the project contributors the task of confessing one of their own more shocking sexual exploits.

In fact, here’s the Introduction to the booklet which makes the challenge perfectly clear:

The goal of ‘I Confess’ is to entertain, and to arouse, and if this means exaggeration or embellishment for the reader’s pleasure, well, we’ll live with it, but the dare for this first issue is to confess one of your own most shocking sexual experiences or hedonistic adventures.

By ‘shocking’ we mean that thing you’ve done – or perhaps wanted to do – that you might be reluctant to confess even to a closest friend.

You might describe an experience that was outrageous in a good way, something you enjoyed immensely and which continues to offer unforgettable memories; or it could be shocking in some genuinely transgressive way, irrespective of the sensations indulged at the time.

We’re all too aware that there’s a gulf between what we know to be socially acceptable – and therefore easy to discuss openly – and the experiences that we might happily explore in private but necessarily keep to ourselves; and it’s that latter category which we are challenged to document here.

The only rule is that your writing must describe scenarios or situations in a language that is unequivocally candid.

This is not an exercise in bashfulness, timidity or reticence!

Beyond that, we simply wish you to enjoy reading these stories just as much as we enjoyed the experiences that led to the writing of them.

… and if you find that intriguing, you can order a copy of Issue One of the magazine here.

9th October 2014 | Alice Taylor

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