Monograph Five:

John Stoddart, Portraits & Polaroids


Limited Edition monograph featuring John Stoddart’s industry defining erotic portraits of celebrities, models and other women of his acquaintance; shot on both film and his accompanying Polaroids.

Throughout the nineties John Stoddart was the UK’s most highly regarded photographer of erotically inclined portraits. His images appeared every single month within and on the covers of many of the highest circulation magazines published at that time.

John Stoddart has long enjoyed an unparalleled reputation for creating celebrity portraits with a capacity to push buttons; not least because of his ability to get actresses and models all too conscious of their public image to pose with a degree of abandon that simply wouldn’t be entertained for any other photographer.

Alongside his published images we are proud to present 68 pages of outtakes deemed too erotic for publication at the time and Polaroids catching his models in unguarded and often more candid moments.

Beautifully printed on heavyweight uncoated paper, with a cloth-bound spine, this monograph in the latest in The Quite Delightful Project’s increasingly collectible series of fine art erotic publications.

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