Marcus Jake

The image above (shown cropped) is taken from an exclusive shoot
for The Quite Delightful Project, photographed by Bristol-based Marcus Jake.
To enjoy the whole shoot you will have to purchase the magazine (which you can do here).


Marcus is ‘interested in finding an emotional connection with his audience, and believes ‘an unabridged understanding of his work is not necessary’. He also considers most of his work to be self-portraiture on some level, a reflection of his emotions, feelings, and personal experiences.

Marcus Jake is a multi-disciplinery artist and photographer. He is particularly interested in portraiture, in all its forms. Shooting this series of images for the first issue was an opportunity for Marcus to push himself beyond his own comfort zone and, in doing so, create some especially powerful imagery.

His photography of model Tina May is amongst the boldest pictures in our launch issue, and certainly have the capacity to cause us to take a deep breath.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Marcus to introduce him to The Quite Delightful Project, and he truly is an artist; his home is decorated wall-to-wall with his work, with experimental canvases and boards leaning against every wall. It was difficult to stop myself from declaring that I was feeling compelled to demand that I purchase everything that he has on display.

Check out more work by Marcus Jake at his website.

8th September 2014 | Katherine Jane

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