Long Distance Loving

It’s 2am in the morning and Laura is lying in bed trying to hold her camera-phone at the exact angle to get a perfect view of her fingers bringing herself to orgasm.


On the screen they slip slowly inside, visibly wet, then gather pace as her back arches and she begins to shudder.

It’s pleasurable but it’s not the most comfortable or easiest position in the world.

Why is she indulging in this piece of private pornography? She’s planning to send her erotic little video to her boyfriend, who is currently over 90 miles away. You’d think this solo effort would just make her more frustrated that he isn’t here, but that’s not the case at all.

She knows this video is going to get her partner so horny that he won’t be able to think straight, and sleep will be the last thing on his mind. Even though distance separates them, she imagines she can feel the heat of his arousal – she pictures his increasing erection as he presses a button and sees her touching herself in exactly the way that she knows he’s wishing he could be doing himself.

In fact, she has told me it’s not unusual for him to get so hot that he’s jumped in his car and driven all 90 miles just to be with her. Technology, it seems, contributes much to reducing the stresses of their long distance relationship.

Laura hits send. Her own skin prickles in delight as she thinks about how turned on she’s making him – and in a few moments her phone buzzes to announce an incoming message:

I want to be inside you. Tell me what you are thinking about.

For some the perception of a long distance relationship is enforced abstinence, punctuated with the odd shagathon when they are finally together. Many people imagine it will be extended dry spells, followed by that intermittent but, inevitably, hugely pressured fuck that just has to be perfect (and therefore never can be). Common sense suggests that this isn’t the kind of stress one needs in a relationship that’s already compromised by mileage.

But for some, who are embracing both technology and also an opportunity to more easily say things that they might not otherwise dare to mention face-to-face, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I personally find that when the inhibitions of up close and personal communication are removed – when we are allowed to reveal our inner yearnings and teasing with no fear of nerves, tell-tale facial expressions or, most importantly, perceived judgment – then anything might be said. And sometimes this can even open the door to myriad possibilities…

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30th July 2015 | Katherine Jane

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